Population, Slovenia, 1 October 2018

On 1 October 2018 Slovenia's population 2,076,595 or 6.545 more than three months earlier

On 1 October 2018 Slovenia had a population of 2,076,595 or 6,545 more than three months earlier. The number of Slovene citizens decreased while the number of foreign citizens increased and reached 6.4%.

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Fewer citizens of Slovenia, more foreign citizens

According to the Statistical Office of Slovenia, the population of Slovenia increased by 6.545 in the third quarter of 2018. The number of citizens of Slovenia decreased by 52, while the number of foreign citizens increased by nearly 6,600 (5.2%). On 1 October 2018 the 133.520 foreign citizens represented 6.4% of Slovenia’s population.

Decreasing share of women among foreign citizens

On 1 October 2018 the population of Slovenia consisted of 1,034,966 men and 1,041,629 women. The share of women among citizens of Slovenia was 51.2% (this share has been slowly decreasing for a number of years); among foreign citizens there were 34.6% women (after several years of increase, their share has decreased by 0.7 percentage points in the first nine months of 2018).
Foreign citizens among population, Slovenia
Foreign citizens among population, Slovenia
Source: SURS
Population by groups and sex, Slovenia
1. 10. 20171. 1. 20181. 4. 20181. 7. 20181. 10. 2018
  Citizens of the Republic of Slovenia1,946,2571,945,0051,943,4411,943,1271,943,075
  Foreign citizens119,633121,875123,843126,923133,520
Source: SURS
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