Income, poverty and social exclusion indicators, detailed data, Slovenia, 2017

New in the SI-STAT Database: Income, poverty and social exclusion indicators, 2017 – detailed data

Detailed data on income, poverty and social exclusion for 2017 are published in the SI-STAT Database.

  • 7/5/2018
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  • final data

Detailed income, poverty and social exclusion indicators for 2017, which were published in the First Release on 14 June 2018, are now available in a more extended form in the SI-STAT Database. More indicators are published than in the First Release and the already published data were supplemented by more detailed breakdowns, e.g. by age and gender, level of education and most frequent activity status of a person, household type and tenure status of a household, for income before social transfers and after social transfers, for income classes, as well as by cohesion and statistical regions.


The source for calculating the at-risk-of-poverty rate and other indicators for 2017 is data from the Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) 2017, which was implemented with the Survey on Living Conditions in 2017 (survey year) and the use of administrative and register data for 2016 (income reference year).

Detailed data and time series are available in the SI-STAT database.
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