Better, Worse, Average - Statistical Portrait of Slovenia in the International Community 2018

Better, Worse, Average – a new issue

At the moment there are 28 EU Member States, which are very different, but in some respects also similar. Where is Slovenia ranked in this community of countries? For more see the new SURS publication Better, Worse, Average – Statistical Portrait of Slovenia in the International Community.

  • 12 June 2018 at 10:30
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The Statistical Office prepared a new issue of the publication presenting Slovenia together with other EU Member States, so that we can compare ourselves with them. The development of a country and the wider region into which the country is integrated requires integration into international flows. It is therefore necessary as well as useful to compare oneself with others. But this is not a competition. The publication brings an overview of the areas in which Slovenia stands out, the areas in which it is average and the areas in which it should improve.

Population density

As regards population density, Slovenia is ranked in the middle of EU-28 Member States with 103 people per square kilometre in 2016. The least densely populated Member State was Finland with 18 residents per km2 and the most densely populated Malta with 1,450 residents per km2. In terms of the territory, the largest Member State is France with 633,000 km2 and the smallest Malta with 315 km2.


As regards the population, Germany was the most populous Member State with 82.5 million in 2017 and Malta was the least populous with 0.5 million. With 2.1 million residents, Slovenia was among the least populous EU-28 Member States; only Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta had fewer residents.
On average “the oldest” Member State was Germany and “the youngest” Ireland. The share of 0–14-year-olds was the highest in Ireland (21%) and the share people aged of 65+ in Italy (22%). In Slovenia the shares were 15% and 19%, respectively.

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