CORRECTION – Activity of museums and galleries, Slovenia, 2016

CORRECTION – the data on activity of museums and galleries, Slovenia, 2016 are published again

Due to some mistakes in statistical data on activity of museums and galleries, the data published with the First Release on 20. 12. 2018 are published again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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In 2015–2016 a modernisation of culture statistics was carried out. The methodology of this statistical survey was changed, including the questionnaire; as a result a break occurred in the data series for previous years. The published data are still provisional. Final and more detailed data will be published on 14 February 2018.

In 2016, museums and galleries prepared 1,960 exhibitions: 1,656 temporary exhibitions and 304 permanent exhibitions. The exhibitions were attended by around 2,778,500 visitors, 27% of whom were children and youth, and 24% of whom were foreigners.

In museums and galleries there were 6.5 million museum and gallery objects, of which 41% were photographs. Three quarters of all objects were inventoried.

 Regarding the access for physically, visually and hearing impaired, we gathered the following data about these institutions: 33% provide appropriate access for persons with physical and 4% for persons with visual and hearing disabilities, 52% have partial access for persons with physical and 38% for persons with visual and hearing disabilities and the rest do not have such arrangements.

In museums and galleries 1,055 persons were permanently employed in 2016, 90% in full-time employment and 10% in part-time employment. For the first time cultural institutions reported how many of these employees were younger than 35 years. According to provisional data only 16.4% of employees were less than 35 years old. Besides permanently employed, museums and galleries also had 2,200 external associates (self-employed professionals in culture, sole proprietors, agency workers, students, volunteers and associates under a work contract or a contract for a copyrighted work).

Exhibitions in museums and galleries, Slovenia
Exhibitions - total1,960
Source: SURS
Employment, Slovenia
  full-time employees946
  part-time employees109
   permanently employed younger than 35 years173
External associates2,200
Source: SURS
Detailed data and time series are available in the SI-STAT database.
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