Consumer price indices and average retail prices, detailed data, Slovenia, December 2017

New on the SI-STAT Data Portal: Consumer price indices and average retail prices, December 2017

Detailed data on consumer price indices and average retail prices can be found in the SI-STAT database.

  • 1/5/2018
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  • final data
Data on consumer price indices, published in the First Release of 29 December 2017, are published at a more detailed levelAverage retail prices are also published.
From January 2018 on scanner data will serve as the only source of data for calculating inflation indices (CPI and HICP) for the first two ECOICOP divisions, i.e. food and non-alcoholic beverages, and alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Furthermore, the methodology for index calculation will be modified.

By introducing the new methodology, the monthly publication of the average retail prices of goods and services will be abolished. Average retail prices will be published once a year, the range of products will be slightly smaller than it was before.
Detailed data and time series are available in the SI-STAT database.
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