Selected Themes from the 2017 Stat'o'book - Part 1

As regards the territory, of the 257 countries in the world Slovenia is 155th.

As regards the territory, Slovenia is one of the smaller countries. It has over 6,000 settlements, 10,000 streets and 553,000 house numbers. The most common settlement names are Gradišče and Pristava, and the most common street name is Šolska ulica.

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Slovenia’s territory and its administrative breakdown

The total area of Slovenia is just over 20,000 square kilometres. In terms of territory, Slovenia is 155th among the 257 countries in the world (source: CIA – Central Intelligence Agency). Slovenia is divided into 2 cohesion regions, 12 statistical regions, 58 territorial units and 212 municipalities. There are just over 6,000 settlements, just over 10,000 streets and just over 553,000 house numbers.

In 2016, 59 settlements in Slovenia had no inhabitants; a third of them are located in municipality Kočevje. As regards settlements, most were named Gradišče and Pristava, 8 each. Most streets in Slovenia (52) were named Šolska ulica, followed by Prešernova and Vrtna ulica, 45 each.

Highest mountains, longest rivers

The highest mountain in Slovenia is Triglav (2,864 m) in the Julian Alps. The highest mountain in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps is Grintavec (2,558 m) and in the Karawanken Stol (2,236 m).

The longest river in Slovenia is Sava (221 km), followed by Drava (142 km) and Kolpa (118 km).

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