Release Calendar 2018

For 613 releases of statistical data you already know when you will be able to use them in 2018

Check out on the Release Calendar website what data will be published by SURS in 2018 and when so that you can plan your activities. If you are a user of social media, check out our Twitter and Facebook profiles.

  • 11/10/2017
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The Release Calendar 2018 contains a list of 613 releases of statistical data that will be published next year on the announced dates at 10.30. 

Everyone can find useful data for themselves 
Those of you who are using our data for your work, education, etc., will receive basic data from a particular statistical survey in online releases combining basic tables, charts and commentary. More detailed data in tables will be published in the SI-STAT Database. Online releases will also be prepared for special days and holidays; we will be informing you about them in our weekly release calendars, which you can subscribe to. 
If you are interested in how many people in Slovenia have birthdays on the same day as you, check out the Names and Birthdays database on our website. If you are interested in how many people live in your neighbourhood, check out the STAGE application. You can also browse our publications such as Stat’o’book and learn for example what happens on an average day in Slovenia. And quiz fans can check out the quiz accompanying the interactive publication The Life of Women and Men in Europe. 

Facebook and Twitter
On our Twitter profile @StatSlovenia we publish statistical data, inform you about updates and communicate with you.
On our Facebook profile (only in Slovene) we share in a modern way interesting facts from the abundance of statistical data. We appreciate every follower, every like and every comment, since statistics are produced for you and together with you. 

What do we offer? 
Our free data can be accessed in digital format via our website without any licence limitations. Our copyright policy is simply to state the Statistical Office as the source of data when using them. In this way you show that you are using credible statistical data and promote our office among other users.
All our data releases are available in English.
For correct use and understanding, the data are accompanied by all the necessary methodological explanations

Don’t miss anything!
Subscribe to information on new releases and the weekly release calendar. This way you will miss nothing. If you can’t find something that you need, please let us know via the contact form.

In the Release Calendar we also announce releases of two other authorised producers of national statistics, i.e. the National Institute of Public Health and the Bank of Slovenia. 

Detailed data and time series are available in the SI-STAT database.
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