Railway passenger transport, Slovenia, 2016

More than 14 million railway passengers and 680 million passenger-kilometres in 2016

In 2016 more than 14 million passengers travelled by train and 680 million passenger-kilometres were performed.

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Fewer passengers in national railway transport
In 2016 more than 13.2 million passengers were carried in national transport. In comparison with 2015 this is a 4.1% decrease. The number of passengers in international transport (including transit) was 776,000, which is an increase of 1.4%. National railway transport represents 94.5% of total railway passenger transport in Slovenia.
The total number of passenger-kilometres performed in 2016 in national and international transport decreased by 4.1% compared to 2015 and reached 680 million, of which 565 million in national transport, which is a 5% decrease compared to 2015. National transport represents 83% of total passenger-kilometres in Slovenia.

Most passengers in international transport with Austria, Croatia and Germany
Most of the passengers who travelled by train from or to Slovenia were from Austria, Croatia, Germany, Serbia, Hungary and Switzerland.
The highest number of passengers travelling to or from Slovenia in international transport was recorded in transport with Austria (almost 100,800), Croatia (also more than 100,200) and Germany (31,300). About 21,700 passengers travelled from or to Serbia, about 19,800 from or to Hungary and almost 12,300 from or to Switzerland. 
Slovenia conducted 68% of international passenger transport with the mentioned six countries.
With EU-28 Member States Slovenia conducted 66% of international passenger transport in 2016; 34% of Slovenia's international passenger transport was conducted with all other countries.

Chart 1: Railway passenger transport, Slovenia, 2007 - 2016
Chart 1: Railway passenger transport, Slovenia, 2007 - 2016
Source: SURS
Chart 2: Passengers in international railway transport (without transit), 2016
Chart 2: Passengers in international railway transport (without transit), 2016
Source: SURS
Table 1: Railway passenger transport, Slovenia, 2016
Number%l 2016
l 2015
Passengers (1000)
National transport13,231.194.595.9
International transport776.75.5101.4
  embarked in Slovenia159.91.198.4
  disembarked in Slovenia258.71.8143.7
Passenger kilometres (mio.)
National transport564.683.095.1
International transport115.517.0100.0
  embarked in Slovenia14.22.196.5
  disembarked in Slovenia32.14.7168.0
Source: SURS
Detailed data and time series are available in the SI-STAT database.
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