Health expenditure and sources of funding, Slovenia, 2015

Current health expenditure in 2015 amounted to EUR 3,295 million and was higher than in the previous year

In 2015, current health expenditure amounted to EUR 3,295 million. The structure of health care funding remained more or less unchanged: ratio 71.7 (public sources):28.3 (private sources). Most funds were used for services of curative care and for medical goods.

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In 2015, 3.3% growth of current health expenditure
In 2015, current expenditure on health care, i.e. expenditure excluding capital formation, increased by 3.3% over the previous year (first higher nominal growth of health expenditure after 2009). In percentage of GDP this was 8.54%, which is the same as a year before. So, despite higher nominal growth of health expenditure the share of GDP stayed the same, which was due to almost the same nominal GDP growth.

Private sources less than a third in the total structure of sources of financing health care
In 2015, the share of private sources of health care financing amounted to 28.3%. Compared to 2014, the structure (public or private) stayed more or less the same: ratio 71.7:28.3 (public sources increased by 0.7 percentage points and private sources decreased by that much). As far as the trends in sources are concerned, in 2015 both private and public sources increased: by 4.3% and 0.9%, respectively.
In all the years of observation the primary source of funding health care was social security funds. Thus, in 2015, they covered just over two thirds of current expenditure on health.

Most health care funds used for services of curative care, for medical goods and for long-term care
In 2015, a little more than three quarters (75.7%) of current health expenditure was used for services of curative care and for medical goods. The shares of expenditure on curative care and on medical goods increased by 5.8% and 2.2%, respectively.
In terms of the share in total current health expenditure, services of long-term care (health) were next with 9.9% in 2015. Total long-term care expenditure is divided into the health and social part (the latter is not part of current health expenditure): expenditure for the health part in 2015 amounted to EUR 327 million (0.2% decline compared to 2014) and for the social part to EUR 162 million (1.8% growth compared to 2014). Total nominal growth of long-term care expenditure in 2015 was thus 0.4%. In percentage share this was 1.27% of GDP (less as a year before; mostly on account of larger nominal growth of GDP).

Expenditure for hospital and residential care twice as high as expenditure for ambulatory health care or for medical goods
In the structure of current health expenditure, in 2015 expenditure for services in hospitals and in nursing and residential care facilities (47.8% of total current health expenditure) was twice as high as expenditure for out-patient ambulatory health care (22.6%) and expenditure for medical goods (22.1%).

Chart 1: Current health expenditure by health care providers, Slovenia, 2015
Chart 1: Current health expenditure by health care providers, Slovenia, 2015
Source: SURS
Table 1: Current health expenditure and sources of funding of health care (by functions) and long term care, Slovenia
Total General
Total General
1,000 EUR1.000 EUR
Functions of health care and goods and social services of LTC1)3,188,7832,264,523924,2603,295,1052,362,124932,981
HC.1 Curative care1,658,5641,374,924283,6401,754,2901,460,347293,943
HC.2 Rehabilitative care137,29846,49090,808149,67157,17292,499
HC.3 Long-term care (health)327,984315,79612,187327,282312,73614,546
HC.4 Ancillary services to health care111,44680,32231,124121,41087,84433,566
HC.5 Medical goods dispensed to out-patients723,883322,761401,122739,453340,483398,970
HC.6 Prevention and public health services97,43661,14936,28787,38047,85739,523
HC.7 Governance and health sstem and financing administration132,17263,07969,093115,62055,68659,934
HCR.1 Long-term care (social)159,29240,427118,865162,09043,574118,516
1) Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
Source: SURS

In preparing the 2014 data on health care expenditure and sources of funding a slightly revised methodology of the System of Health Accounts was taken into account – i.e. SHA 2011 methodology. This methodology no longer covers expenditure for capital formation, so we are talking only about current health expenditure. As regards the classification of sources of funding (HF), no significant changes were introduced. The classification of expenditure for health care functions (HC) also remains more or less unchanged. A major change is the removal of subcategory HC.1.3.9 (All other outpatient curative care n. e. c.), which results in the relocation of this expenditure in subcategory HC.2.3 (Outpatient rehabilitative care) and thus an increase in expenditure for that function. Most of the changes are in the classification of activities or providers of services in health care (HP), where two new independent categories are defined: providers of ancillary services (HP.4) and providers of preventive care (HP.6).

Detailed data and time series are available in the SI-STAT database.
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