Decisions of prosecutors and courts in criminal matters, Slovenia, 2016

6,687 adults, 319 minors and 39 legal persons convicted in 2016

In 2016, 3.4 persons per 1,000 population were convicted in Slovenia. The rate was the highest (5.4) in Jugovzhodna Slovenija and the lowest (1.9) in Goriška, Zasavska and Primorsko-notranjska regions. 

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Fewer indictments by prosecutors than a year before
In 2016, 34,267 adults were indicted by prosecutors, 7% fewer than a year before. Over half of indictments (55.5%) were dismissed. In about a fifth of cases (19%) the prosecutors decided to file indictments directly. In 12% of cases the request for investigation was filed and in 9% of cases indictments were filed after the request for investigation. Among the most common criminal offences were larceny and grand larceny, fraud and business fraud, domestic violence, and unlawful manufacture and trade in illegal drugs.

1,746 legal persons were indicted (14% fewer than a year before). In most cases (75%) the indictment was dismissed. In 10% of cases the request for investigation was filed, in about 7% of cases indictments were filed directly and in 6% of cases indictments were filed after the request for investigation. Almost half (45%) of legal persons were charged with criminal offences of business fraud and violation of basic rights of employees.

Te highest sentences in 2016 for convicted murderers
The highest unsuspended prison sentence over 10 years was given to seven adults convicted of criminal offences of murder and manslaughter. On average, they were 34 years old, had upper secondary vocational education and were citizens of the Republic of Slovenia. All but one were men. One of them admitted guilt. In these cases the procedure from committing the criminal offence to the final judgment lasted on average less than two years.

The highest sentence given to juvenile perpetrators was imprisonment: two juveniles were sentenced for manslaughter and grand larceny, respectively.

In 2016, 25% of legal persons were convicted of violating basic rights of employees and 36% of business fraud.

Around 20% of convicted adults were given a prison sentence
As in the previous years, in 2016, too, adult perpetrators were most frequently given a prison sentence (94%): in 78% of cases the sentence was suspended, while almost 1,400 perpetrators were actually imprisoned. 

Detailed data and time series are available in the SI-STAT database.
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