Men in Slovenia

This is your life. If you are a man and live in Slovenia ...

Men in Slovenia celebrate on 10 March. Therefore, we present some facts from 2015 on the life cycle of an average man in Slovenia.

  • 6 March 2017 at 10:30
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  • Robert Dragan, Brigita Vrabič Kek, Martina Žnidaršič
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If you are a man and live in Slovenia,

  • you are one of the 1.02 million male residents of Slovenia.
  • your name is most probably Franc, Janez, Ivan, Anton or Marko.
  • your educational level is lower than that of women.
  • you are on average 41.1 years old.
  • you are on average 178 cm tall and weigh on average 85 kg.
  • you will probably live shorter than your female peers.
  • you are generally less satisfied with your life than women in general.
  • you are at lower risk of poverty than women (13% vs 15.6%).
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