Musical Activity, Slovenia, 2015

Professional orchestras and choirs performed 170 concerts at their headquarters and 223 on tours in 2015

In 2015, professional orchestras and choirs performed 1,860 works. More than 101,000 people attended 170 concerts at their headquarters.

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More than 41% of performed works were of Slovenian authors

In 2015, professional orchestras and choirs included in their repertoire 774 works by Slovenian authors; this is 41.6% of the total of 1,860 performed music works and 3.6% more than in 2014. Orchestras and choirs organized 170 concerts at their headquarters. These concerts were attended by 101,083 visitors. 

In addition to concerts at headquarters, professional orchestras and choirs also performed 223 concerts on tours in 2015, the majority of them, 189 or nearly 85%, in Slovenia; 26 concerts were performed on tours in the European Union, 6 were performed in other countries, and 2 were performed especially for Slovenes outside Slovenia.

Chart 1: Number of works performed, Slovenia
Chart 1: Number of works performed, Slovenia
Source: SURS
Table 1: Activities of orchestras and choirs, Slovenia
Number of works performed2,1231,860
  Slovene works746774
Own concerts at the orchestra/choir headquarters120170
Attendance at own concerts at the orchestra/choir headquarters83,646101,083
Source: SURS
Table 2: Tours outside the orchestra and choir headquarters, Slovenia
Number of tours outside the orchestra/choir headquarters - total236223
  tours in Slovenia208189
  tours at Slovenes outside Slovenia42
  of which in neighbouring countries32
  tours in the EU2026
  tours in other countries46
Source: SURS
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