Theatrical Activity, Slovenia, 2015

Theatrical performances were attended by 850,300 theatregoers, 30% of them children and youth

In 2015 at the theatre headquarters 6,544 performances were staged, most of them were drama (64%) and puppet theatre (15%).

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287 new productions in 2015, most of them drama and the fewest opera performances

At the headquarters of Slovenian theatres 6,544 performances were staged in 2015, among them just over 83% were own performances and almost 17% were performances by other companies. In 2015, 287 new productions were staged: 112 drama productions, 45 dance performances, 25 productions of research theatres, 21 ballet productions, 19 puppet productions, 9 operas and 55 new productions of other theatres.

At the theatre headquarters 1,079 performances were staged by other companies, 43% of them were drama and 23% were dance performances.

Slovenian theatres also staged 2,196 tours outside the theatre headquarters. Most of the tours were staged in Slovenia (80%), more than 7% in the EU and 9% at Slovenians outside Slovenia; Slovenian theatres staged in other foreign countries 84 tours, i.e. nearly 4% of all tours.

On average 130 theatregoers per performance 
Performances were attended by 850,367 theatregoers; about 49% attended drama performances, just over 13% puppet performances, almost 10% opera, almost 9% ballet, 6% dance performances and more than 3% performances of research theatres; 10% of theatregoers attended performances by other theatres.

Among all theatregoers 30% were children and youth. They mostly attended drama performances (40% of all children and youth) and puppet performances (36%). 

Chart 1: Theatrical performances and attendance by type, Slovenia, 2015
Chart 1: Theatrical performances and attendance by type, Slovenia, 2015
Source: SURS
Table 1: Theatrical activity, Slovenia
New productions287287
  Slovene works151137
Performances at the theatre headquarters4,7486,544
  by other theatrical groups8941,079
  children and youth278,168254,508
Source: SURS
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