International Men's Day

In Slovenia the mean age at death from prostate cancer was 79.6 years

In Slovenia there are slightly fewer men than women in total population. On average they earn more than women. The most common cause of death for men is cancer.

  • 11/14/2016
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The International Men's Day is celebrated on 19 November in over 70 countries. The day focuses on improving gender equality and relationships, promoting boys’ and men’s health, and emphasising their role in society. The 2016 theme is achievements and contributions of men in public and private lives as well as the prevention of suicide.

Men in Slovenia

In Slovenia there are slightly fewer men than women in total population. At the beginning of January 2016 there were 1,023,333 men (49.6% of total population) and 1,040,855 women (50.4% of total population). They were on average 41.2 years old, three years younger than women (44.2 years). The mean age of men in Slovenia is rising; in the past 30 years it grew by 9 years.

More boys born than girls

Despite the fact that there are slightly more women than men in total population, every year more boys than girls are born, which is a biological fact. The long-term new-born sex ratio in Slovenia is 106 boys to 100 girls. In the past 17 years the most common boy’s name has been Luka.

Fewer male than female tertiary graduates

In 2015, 18,631 persons graduated from tertiary education in Slovenia, more women (11,364 or 61%) than men (7,267 or 39%). Natural and technical sciences are traditionally male-dominated fields with 67.4% male graduates vs. 32.6% female graduates. In all other fields female graduates outnumbered their male colleagues.

Men earn on average more than women

According to provisional data of annual structure of earnings statistics for 2015, average gross earnings of men were on average 6% (EUR 101) higher than average gross earnings of women. Average male earnings were higher in all major groups of occupations. The difference was the lowest in the group clerks (1.2%) and the highest in the group plant and machine operators and assemblers (around 19%).

Cancer is the most common cause of death for men

The mean age of men at death in 2015 was 8.2 years lower than the mean age of women at death. The mean age at death for men was 72.8 years and for women 81.0 years. One in four men who died in 2015 was younger than 65 years.

Cancer is the most common cause of death for men; 35.8% of men who died in 2015 died due to cancer, mostly of the digestive and respiratory systems.

Movember, raising awareness of men’s health and diseases

Events surrounding the International Men’s Day coincide with the international Movember movement, the purpose of which is to raise awareness of men’s health and diseases affecting men, such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Prostate cancer mostly affects men after 45 years of age. In 2015, the mean age at death from prostate cancer in Slovenia was 79.6 years.

Table 1: Average monthly gross earnings by major groups of ISCO-08 and sex, Slovenia, 2015 - provisional data
Men WomenRatio w/m
Legislators, senior officials and managers2,8392,73596.3
Technicians and associate professionals1,9141,66186.8
Service workers and shop and market sales workers1,2791,05882.7
Skilled agricultural and fishery workers1,2341,05485.4
Craft and related trades workers1,3211,07381.2
Plant and machine operators and assemblers1,3231,06980.8
Elementary occupations1,10892083.0
Armed forces1,6631,50490.4
Source: SURS
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