World Tourism Day

27 September – World Tourism Day: Tourism for all

2015 was a record year in terms of tourist arrivals for global and Slovenian tourism. But not everybody has the opportunity or is able to travel. This year’s theme Tourism for all puts the emphasis on creating the environment in the tourism industry that can cater the needs of all of us.

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The World Tourism Day has been celebrated on 27 September since 1979. This year's theme of the World Tourism Day is »Tourism for all«, with which the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) wants to promote universal accessibility of tourism.

2015 a record year for global and Slovenian tourism
Tourism is a fast growing industry; the number of tourists grows every year. 2015 was thus a record year for global and Slovenian tourism.
According to the World Tourism Organization data, in 2015 almost 1.2 billion international tourist arrivals were recorded worldwide. Compared to 2014 the number of international tourist arrivals increased by 52 million or 5%. It was the sixth consecutive year of growth in international tourism following the 2009 global economic crisis. 

In Slovenia, too, in 2015 the highest numbers of tourist arrivals and overnight stays ever were recorded; more than 3.9 million tourist arrivals were registered in tourist accommodations, which is 11% more than in 2014. Tourists spent more than 10.3 million nights, which is 8% more than in 2014. There was an increase in domestic as well as foreign tourist overnight stays, domestic by 6%, foreign by 9%.

Despite the positive results and the fact that trips became part of our everyday life, there are still many people who cannot travel due to different reasons: they cannot financially afford to travel, they have physical or psychical health limitations, they have to take care of the elderly, etc.  

Residents of Slovenia above the EU-28 average in participation in private trips
In 2015, 63% of residents of Slovenia aged 15+ went on at least one private trip with at least one overnight stay in Slovenia or abroad. This ranked Slovenia slightly above the EU average (according to the latest data published, in 2014, 60% of EU-28 residents went on at least one private trip). The highest, more than 80% participation in private trips was recorded in Finland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The lowest participation in private trips was among residents of Romania (only 25%), followed by Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and Portugal (39%).

Participation in private trips declines with age
In 2015, 37% of residents of Slovenia aged 15+ did not go on any private trip where they would spend at least one night.
The share of residents who did not go on any private trips increases with age. In 2015 a fifth of residents aged 15-24 years did not go on any private trip, while in the age group 65+ the share was two thirds.

Lack of financial resources the main obstacle for not going on private trips
Among reasons for not going on a private trip (multiple reasons could be stated) more than half (53%) of residents of Slovenia aged 15+ stated financial reasons; 34% stated health reasons, 19% did not go on a private trip due to lack of time, while 18% did not feel the need to go.  

Infographic 1: Reasons why residents of Slovenia, aged 15+, in 20151) did not go on private trips

Source: SURS

29% of hotels and similar establishments have at least one room accessible for persons with reduced mobility
Accommodation establishments try to adjust their offer to the people with various special needs. In 2015 among 681 accommodation establishments in the category of hotels and similar establishments 199 or 29% had at least one room adequate for persons with reduced mobility. Among hotels the share was 43%, among inns only 16%.
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