Father's Day

Fathers present at 78% of childbirths in Slovenia in 2014

In 2015, 313,000 fathers were living in families together with their children. Fathers of children born in 2014 were on average almost 3 years older than their mothers. Fathers were present at 78% of childbirths (the share was the highest in the Notranjsko-kraška and Goriška statistical regions).

  • 13 June 2016 at 10:30
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At the Father’s Day, which most countries celebrate on the third Sunday in June, our statistical office joins the deliberations on the characteristics of fathers with some official statistical data.

313,000 fathers live in families with their children
At the beginning of 2015 more than half a million men in Slovenia were fathers (estimate). Almost 313,000 of them were living in families with their children. In most cases the wives or partners were also living with them, while one in 12 fathers was living alone with his children. Fathers living together with their children were on average 49.7 years old. On average the youngest were those living with their partners in consensual unions (42 years). Married fathers were on average 9.3 years older (51.3 years). On average the oldest were fathers living alone with their children (53.5 years). This type of family (fathers with children) is rare in Slovenia; in the past 34 years (since the 1981 census) the number of such families increased by 17,292 to 26,844 in 2015, i.e. from 1.8% of all families in 1981 to 4.7% of all families in 2015. In most lone-father families (74%) there is only one child, in a quarter two children. The mean age of lone-fathers and children living with them depend to a large extent on the formal marital status of father. Widowers with children (6,200) were on average 70 years old, divorced fathers with children (5,700) 55 years.  

At childbirth, fathers are on average 2.8 years older than mothers
Not only women but also men decide to have children later in their lives. Between 1980 and 2014 the mean age of fathers at childbirth increased by 4.3 years to 33.4 years. For almost 2% of children born in 2014 the data on fathers are not known. In 2014, 48 of fathers were younger than 20 years at childbirth and one in 11 was older than 39. The oldest fathers were more than 60 years old. Most of the fathers (70%) of children born in 2014 were older than the mothers; one in five (19%) was younger. The most common age difference between the parents was less than 3 years.

Fathers present at 8 out of 10 childbirths
The data from the National Institute of Public Health show that in 1992 fathers were present at fewer than a tenth, in 1995 at almost a quarter, in 2000 at more than a half and in 2014 at more than three quarters (78%) of childbirths. The share for first births was even higher (in 2014: 81%).

As regards statistical regions, there are large differences in fathers attending childbirth. In 2014 the lowest shares were recorded in south-eastern Slovenia – Pomurska (56%) and Podravska (59%) statistical regions – and the highest in the Notranjsko-kraška and Goriška statistical regions where only one in ten mothers gave birth without the child’s father being present. In the past 12 years the share of fathers attending childbirth increased in all regions, the most in Notranjsko-kraška and the least in Podravska.

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