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  • 28 April 2016 at 10:30
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The newest maps published in our application Thematic Cartography are now available also for 2014. With their help and on the basis of attached tables you can collect for Slovenian municipalities some of the following findings:

  • The lowest shares of children aged 1-5 attending kindergartens are mostly found in the municipalities along the country border,  but among them are also two other municipalities: Ribnica na Pohorju and Luče. In the municipality Luče, kindergartens were attended by 4 out of 10 children aged 1-5, while the highest share of children attending kindergartens was recorded in the municipality Šmarješke Toplice (more than 90%).
  • In 2014, the employment rate in Slovenia was 57.2%, which means that more than half of the working age population was in employment. The municipality Cerkno had the highest employment rate among municipalities (67.2%), while the employment rate for men was the highest in the municipality Žetale (76.8%) and for women in the municipality Vodice (61.4%). The highest share of population working in their municipality of residence was recorded in the municipality Ljubljana (84.3%), while almost 90% of employed persons from the municipality Sveti Tomaž represented the highest share of labour migrants who had to commute to work to other municipalities. In 2014, municipality Trzin had three times more workplaces than persons in employment living in it.
  •  In 2014, 4.7% of persons living in Slovenia were aged 80 years or more. The same share as the national average was recorded in 8 municipalities; shares of persons aged 80 years or more were above the national average in 99 municipalities and below the national average in 104 municipalities. According to the share of persons in the this age group, the municipality Zavrč had the lowest share (2.3%) and municipalities Gornji Grad and Kostel had the highest share (8.4%).

Many thematic maps will tell you even more different stories, so you are invited to explore and link the data to new information. Interactive thematic maps with even more diverse content are also available in our web cartographic application STAGE, where data are being simultaneously updated.

Map 1: Persons in employment (without farmers) working in the municipality of residence, municipalities, Slovenia, 2014
Map 1: Persons in employment (without farmers) working in the municipality of residence, municipalities, Slovenia, 2014
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