Mother's day

Almost 670,500 mothers in Slovenia at the beginning of 2015

In 2014, 20,813 women gave birth in Slovenia, among them 10,154 gave birth for the first time. The average age of women at first birth was 29.1 years.

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The day that originated in the USA

Mother's Day, which is celebrated in Slovenia on 25 March, is the day dedicated to all mothers. The habit of celebrating this day came to Europe from the United States. In Slovenia it became important after 1991, but Slovenia is the only country that celebrates this day on 25 March.

Lifeline, Slovenia, 2014
Source: SURS, ZRSZ, Eurostat

On mothers in Slovenia

At the beginning of 2015 there were almost 670,500 mothers in Slovenia. In 2015, 3 out of 4 women older than 15 years were mothers, while 1 in 4 women has not (yet) experienced motherhood. Among 10 mothers 3 gave birth to one child, 5 to two children and 2 to three or more children.

Among women aged 25–29 one in three was a mother, while in the age group 45–49 years more than 90% of women were mothers. Young women leave their family of origin earlier than young men; in 2013 on average at the age of 27.4 years. On average, they also marry earlier than young men; in 2014 they married for the first time at the age of 29.4 years.

The age at first birth and the education of mothers are increasing. The average age of women at first birth in 2014 was 29.1 years and in the last 50 years it has increased by almost 5 years, which is largely associated with the prolongation of women’s education. With the prolongation of women’s education also the educational attainment of mothers is increasing. Almost half of mothers (48%) who gave birth in 2013 had tertiary education and 44% had upper secondary education.

In 2014, 21,165 children were born in Slovenia, slightly more than 8,000 fewer than 50 years ago. Among them there were almost 350 twin births and 3 births of triples.

An increasing number of children are born to unmarried parents. In 1964 the share was 9%, in 1991 26% and in 2014 58%.

The average number of live births per woman of childbearing age (15–49 years) is declining; in 2014 it was 1.58 children, while 50 years ago it was 2.32 children.

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