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Stat'o'book 2015

Stat'o'book – statistical overview of Slovenia 2015

After last year's success Stat'o'book again presents interesting, topical and important data on Slovenia.

  • 12/17/2015
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Stat’o’book was first published a year ago. In one year it became generally recognised and we received many positive responses. What is new this year is the chapter about health, which was produced in cooperation with the National Institute of Public Health as one of the authorised producers of national statistics.

The concept of the second edition is the same as for the first one: concise, clear and interesting presentation of our data. Again only some of the most interesting and topical content was selected and presented with infographics and other graphical presentations and with short commentaries.

Stat’o’book is available free of charge to everyone. You can also order your own hardcopy.

You are invited to examine the new edition of the Stat’o’book and read the stories made from official statistical data.
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