International day for the elimination of violence against women

“Violence against women occurs daily, everywhere.”

According to the data of the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), physical and/or sexual violence after the age of 15 was experienced by 33% or 62 million women across the EU-28 Member States.

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25 November - International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The United Nations General Assembly, which designated 25 November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, defines violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life".

The World Health Organization reports that violence against women represents an unnecessary burden for the health budget. It is more likely that women who have experienced violence will be in need of health care that those who have not. The consequences of violence against women are extremely far-reaching, as they affect not only the women, but also their families, friends and the society as a whole.

At the European level, violence against women is regulated by the Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and the Council and the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention). Slovenia signed the Convention on 8 September 2011 and ratified it on 19 December 2014. The Convention aims at prevention of violence, victim protection and "to end with the impunity of perpetrators".

In 2012, the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) conducted a survey on violence against women in all EU-28 Member States, namely among 42,000 women (in Slovenia among 1,500 women). The survey questioned women about their experience with physical, sexual and psychological violence, incl. domestic violence.

 FRA: “Violence against women: every day and everywhere.”

The survey reveals that physical and/or sexual violence after age 15 was experienced by 33% or 62 million women. The worst cases of sexual victimisation caused by the partner were not reported to the Police or any other organisation by 67% of assaulted women.

55% of women experienced some form of sexual abuse or incident; 32% of victims of such sexual victimisation stated that the perpetrator was a superior at work, colleague or client.

11% of women received indecent proposals through social media or SMSs. 20% of victims of such victimisation carried out through the internet were women aged 18–29.

18% of women aged 15+ experienced stalking: in the last 12 months prior to the survey 5% or 9 million women experienced this.

In their childhood 33% of women experienced physical or sexual victimisation by an adult.

Data on reported victimisation are recorded by the Police

Police data indicate that according to the reported cases women are most often victims of domestic violence. In the last five years (2010–2014) there were on average 1,600 such victims in Slovenia. In the same period about 500 victims reported their injuries. Victims who were under age and also neglected and brutally handled reported on average 400 cases per year.

The number of women who reported violent criminal actions in the broader sense (rape, sexual victimisation, sexual abuse of a vulnerable person, sexual assault on a person under 15 years of age) in the 2010–2014 period decreased. In this period on average about 200 victims per year reported criminal activity.

The most severe cases of violence against women involve victims who were murdered (manslaughter, murder, voluntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, infanticide). In Slovenia in 2014 six women were murdered, in 2013 four, in 2012 seven and in 2011 and 2010 ten in each year.
Table 1: Women victims of violence by type of violence, 2012
Physical and/or sexual violence since the age of 152233
Physical violence by a partner since the age of 151220
Physical violence by a non-partner since the age of 151320
Sexual violence by a partner since the age of 1547
Sexual violence by a non-partner since the age of 1546
Psychological violence by a partner since the age of 153443
Sexual harassment since the age of 154455
Stalking since the age of 151418
Physical, sexual or psychological violence before the age of 151635
Sexual violence before the age of 15612
Source: FRA, Violence against women: an EU-wide survey
Table 2: Registered women who are victims of the most common types of violence, Slovenia, 2010-2014
2010 - 2014
Domestic violence1,9091,5841,5051,4221,5091,586
Bodily harm607531541519539547
Sexual violence285212221233173225
Neglect and maltreatment of minors324379455396327376
Source: Police
Note: The number of victims in the reference year is counted only once, no matter how many times the victim was observed offenses.
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