Waste, Slovenia, 2014

In 2014, a person in Slovenia generated on average 433 kg of municipal waste, of which 3.3 kg was hazardous

Almost 4.7 million tons of different types of waste was generated in Slovenia in 2014, of which 12% was generated in households. 23% of municipal waste generated in 2014 was landfilled on municipal landfill sites.

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Waste generation in Slovenia in 2014:
  • Nearly 4.7 million tons of waste were generated, of which a little less than 892,000 tons of municipal waste.
  • The amount of municipal waste increased by almost 5% compared to 2013; increase in the quantities of other types of waste was minimal.
  • In production activities almost 2.8 million tons (59%), in service activities nearly 1.4 million tons (29%) and in households slightly more than half a million tons (12%) of all types of waste were generated.
  • The amount of hazardous waste (almost 147,000 tons) increased by 23% compared to 2013.
  • Most of the hazardous waste (51%) was generated in manufacturing; only 2% was generated in households.
  • Most of the waste was construction and demolition waste (24%), followed by waste from thermal processes (17%), waste from waste management facilities (15%), municipal waste (14%), waste from wood processing and from metal processing (7% each) and waste packaging (5%). The remaining types of waste were generated in smaller amounts.

Waste treatment in Slovenia in 2014:
  • More than half a million tons of municipal waste (almost 8% more than in 2013) was separately collected.
  • A little over 3 million tons of waste (5% more than in 2013) was recovered (without backfilling and pre-treatment).
  • A little less than 283,000 tons of all types of waste (almost 10% less than in 2013) was landfilled.
  • 23% of generated municipal waste was landfilled (7% less than in 2013).
  • Import (by 6%) and export (by 11%) of waste increased compared to 2013.

Infographic 1: Waste generation, Slovenia, 2014

Sources: SURS, ARSO, MOP

Interactive map 1: Generated municipal waste, municipalities, Slovenia, 2014


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Table 1: Waste treatment, Slovenia
20132014 2014
Total amount recovered5,168,0776,098,139118
… of which incineration of waste as fuel236,040268,938114
… of which recycling2,575,6342,682,439104
… of which composting66,21570,395106
Total amount disposed602,058584,13597
… of which incineration of waste for disposal33,38834,654104
… of which landfilling313,147282,98990
Waste delivered to the abroad - export 603,284671,460111
Sources: SURS, ARSO, MOP
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