First names and family names, birthdays, Slovenia, 1 January 2015

Val (wave) and Zarja (dawn) top first names, Oblak (cloud) top family name related to natural phenomena

Among the almost 53,000 different names of the population of Slovenia the most common ones are Marija and Franc. Among the 100,000 family names the most common is Novak. Two out of three first names are unique, and 27 first names appear on the list of names with frequency of 10,000 or more.

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The diversity of first names

In the beginning of 2015 people in Slovenia had 52,969 first names (695 more than a year before). If these names were distributed evenly among the people in Slovenia, every name would appear 39-times. In fact, it is so that the vast majority of names (69%) are unique (i.e. they appear only once). Only 27 names (19 male and 8 female) had the frequency 10,000 or more.

Still Marija and Franc

The most common female names are still Marija (60,528) and Ana (26,829), although the number of women with these two names decreased in one year by 1,771 and 456, respectively. Among all women in Slovenia on average every 17th was named Marija and every 38th Ana. The most common male name is still Franc (25,810); on average every 40th men in Slovenia is named Franc.

In the past 7 years three names disappeared from the list of top 10 most common female names in 2015 (Jožefa – rank 13 in 2015, Frančiška – rank 23 and Jožica – rank 11) and three new names emerged (Nina, Barbara, Andreja).  The list of top 10 male names is the same in this period, only ranks of some names changed.

Among the top 200 names on average the youngest are boys named Tian (5.1 years) and girls named Zoja (6.1 years), while the oldest are men named Frančišek (73.0 years) and women named Matilda (74.9 years).

Names referring to natural phenomena

Among first names connected with natural phenomena, listed in the book Vse o imenih v Sloveniji (All about names in Slovenia) written by Simon Lenarčič, the most common first names are Val (wave) and Zarja (dawn), followed by Svit (daybreak), Luna (moon), Gaj (grove), Dan (day), Rosa (dew), Zvezda (star) and Iskra (spark). More than two thirds of the population with the first six names listed above are children born after 2000. Especially names Val and Luna are significant for that period given the fact that 96% of all boys named Val and 94% of all girls named Luna were born after 2000. This has also been shown by their average age: 5.7 years for Val and 6.3 years for Luna.

Many more people (as well as the list of names is longer) have first names from the plant world. On the other hand, more people have family names associated with natural phenomena. The most common name of this set, Oblak (cloud), appears 2,841 times at rank 23. Family names with frequency of more than 1,000 from this group are for example Sever (north), Jug (south), Mrak (dusk), etc. Among the population of Slovenia family names derived from occupations/trades (e.g. Kovač - blacksmith), functions (e.g. Knez - prince), the names of animals (e.g. Kos - blackbird), etc. are more common.

Word cloud 1: Family names from the world of natural phenomena and first names from the plant world, Slovenia, 1 January 2015
Word cloud 1: Family names from the world of natural phenomena and first names from the plant world, Slovenia, 1 January 2015
Source: SURS
Table 1: The most common names, Slovenia, 1 January 2015
Rankfirst namenumbermean agefirst namenumbermean agefamily namenumber
Source: SURS
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