Publishing, Slovenia, 2014

In 2014, 5,331 titles of books and brochures were published, among them 1,434 titles of literature.

According to provisional data, 1,434 works of literature were published in Slovenia in 2014, 713 of Slovenian literature and 721 translated works. In addition, 1,812 different printed serial publications were issued; three quarters of all titles had professional or scientific contents.

  • 7/16/2015
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  • provisional data

In comparison with 2013,
more titles of books and brochures published in 2014

In 2014, 5,331 titles of books and brochures were published, which is 247 or 4.9% more than in the previous year.  The book production was at its maximum in 2008 when 6,358 titles were published. In 2014 the book production was still by almost one fifth lower than six years ago; however, the negative trend in recent years has been interrupted. Among the titles published in 2014 66% were original works and 34% were translations. As regards editions, 78% were first editions and 22% were re-editions.

Chart 1: Book titles (works) published, Slovenia

Source: NUK

Most literature books were novels 

In 2014, 1,434 titles of literature were published, 713 were Slovenian literature and 721 were foreign literature. As regards the type of literature, most literature books were novels (43% of all literature, i.e. 173 Slovenian and 439 foreign), followed by short stories for children and youth with 29% (253 Slovenian and 160 foreign), poetry with 14%, short stories with 8%, poetry for children and youth with 3% and drama with 1%. 2% of literature works were unclassified. 

The number of serial publications did not change much over the previous year

In 2014, 1,812 newspapers and other serial publications were issued, which is 10 more than in 2013. Most of the publications were issued occasionally (402), followed by those issued annually (389), monthly (347) and quarterly (248). As regards the type of published serial publications, most of them, 1,371, were professional, scientific newspapers (three quarters of all titles), 180 were general newspapers and other newspapers and 261 were of other genres.

Chart 2: Serial publications by frequency of publishing, Slovenia, 2014

Source: NUK

Table 1: Published titles of books and brochures, Slovenia
  original works3,5133,514
  first editions4,3334,156
Sourse: NUK
Table 2: Books and brochures by type of literature, Slovenia
TotalSlovenian literatureForeign literature
  poetry for children and youth2750254129
  short stories9311155583854
  short stories for children and youth1504148425366160
Source: NUK
Table 3: Titles of published serial publications, Slovenia
  professional, scientific newspapers1,3561,371
Vir: NUK
Final data will be published in October 2015.
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