Supply balance sheets of agricultural products, market year 2022/2023

Self-sufficiency in wine at 92%

In the observed marketing year, 572,000 hectolitres of wine were produced, of which white wines accounted for 67% of total production.

  • 31 January 2024 at 10:30
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White wines accounted for two-thirds of total wine production 

Wine production in Slovenia amounted to 572,000 hectolitres in the 2022/2023 marketing year, which is over 3% less compared to the previous market year. Of this, white wines accounted for 67% of production, which is a decrease of 4 percentage points.

Regarding the quality distinction, wines with protected designation of origin represented the highest share in the total domestic production of wines, i.e. 423,000 hectolitres or 74% of the total wine production.

Although total production was lower by 3%, the self-sufficiency rate was higher than in the previous market year due to lower consumption. The self-sufficiency rate was thus 92%, i.e. 9 percentage points higher.

12% less wine available for consumption

The amount of wine available for consumption in the observed period was 624,000 hectolitres, which is 12% less than in the previous market year. Of the total amount available, 69% (428,000 hectolitres) were white wines. The available amount of wine per person was 29 litres, of which white wines represented 69% or 20 litres.

In addition to the table with the latest data on the balance sheet of wine, we are also publishing data from other balances of agricultural products for the market/production year in the SiStat Database.
Available quantity of wines per capita, Slovenia, market year 2022/2023
Available quantity of wines per capita, Slovenia, market year 2022/2023
Supply balance sheet for wine, Slovenia, market year 2022/2023
Self-sufficiency rateAvailable quantity per capita
hl hl%l/cap.
  of which white wines381,520427,7728920
Final data on balances for the market year 2022/2023 will be published in the SiStat Database in early November 2024.

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