Population, 1 October 2023

Population increase in the third quarter

In the third quarter of last year, the population increased by nearly 2,200. On 1 October 2023, foreign citizens represented 9.4% of the 2,123,103 residents of Slovenia.

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Fewer citizens of Slovenia, more foreign citizens

On 1 October 2023, Slovenia had 2,166 residents more than three months earlier. In the third quarter, the number of citizens of Slovenia decreased by nearly 700, while the number of foreign citizens increased by more than 2,800.

Slightly higher share of women among foreign citizens

The population of Slovenia consisted of 1,067,939 men and 1,055,164 women. The share of women among citizens of Slovenia was 51.1% (this share has been mostly slowly decreasing for a number of years), and among foreign citizens 36.6% (after the drop in the first quarter, this share has been increasing again).

The table with the latest data is available in the SiStat Database.

Foreign citizens among population, Slovenia
Foreign citizens among population, Slovenia
Population by groups and sex, Slovenia
1. 10. 20221. 1. 20231. 4. 20231. 7. 20231. 10. 2023
  Citizens of the Republic of Slovenia1,929,5321,927,1761,925,0371,923,8791,923,200
  Foreign citizens181,015189,796192,637197,058199,903
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