Expenditure and receipts of social protection schemes, detailed data, 2021

New in the SiStat Database: Expenditure and receipts of social protection schemes, detailed data, 2021

Final and detailed data on expenditure and receipts of social protection schemes in Slovenia for 2021 are now published in the SiStat Database.

  • 3 November 2023 at 10:30
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Data presented in Expenditure and receipts of social protection schemes and pension beneficiaries, 2021 on 18 July 2023, are now available as final and at a more detailed level in the SiStat Database. Final data differ from provisional data due to subsequent additional data in the data source and the validation process performed by Eurostat.

What do the first estimates for 2022 show?

According to the first estimates for last year, the largest share of total expenditure for social benefits, i.e. EUR 5,647 million or 40.3%, was spent on the elderly for the old age function. This was followed by the sickness and health care function with EUR 4,921 million or a little over a third of total expenditure. The third highest expenditure group was the family and children function with EUR 1,139 million or 8.1%, followed by survivors and disability functions. The remaining share, 6.2%, was spent on unemployment, social exclusion not elsewhere classified and housing (subsidies for housing rent).
Expenditure for social benefits by social protection functions (risks), Slovenia, 2022
mio EUR%% of GDP1)
  sickness/health care4,92135.18.6
  old age5,64740.39.9
  social exclusion not elsewhere classified4873.50.9
1) Expenditure for social protection as percentage of GDP is calculated on the basis of the last available data on GDP (Release; 29 September 2023; https://www.stat.si/StatWeb/en/News/Index/11388).
2) Some totals do not add up due to rounding.
The first estimates for 2022 have been prepared on the basis of currently available data. More detailed data will be available in July 2024.

Additional explanations are available in the methodological explanations.
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