Births and deaths, July 2023

Natural change of population still negative despite the highest number of live births this year

According to provisional data for July, 125 more people died than were born. Compared to the same month of previous year, the number of deaths decreased by 6%, the number of live births by 7%.

  • 7 September 2023 at 10:30
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Fewer live births

In the seventh month of this year, 1,543 children were born in Slovenia, which was the highest number this year. However, this was 109 children fewer (or 7% fewer) than in July 2022. On average 50 children were born per day (compared to 53 in the same month of 2022).

Fewer number of deaths 

In the observed month, 1,668 residents of Slovenia died. This was 107 (6%) fewer than a year ago and 123 (8%) more than two years ago. On average 54 people died each day. 

What do data for August 2023 indicate?

According to the first estimate, 1,023 residents of Slovenia died between 1 and 20 August 2023. In the same period of last year, the number was higher (1,207).
Average daily number of live births and deaths, Slovenia, monthly1)
Average daily number of live births and deaths, Slovenia, monthly<sup>1)</sup>
1) Data for 2023 are provisional.
Live births and deaths, Slovenia, monthly
Live birthsDeaths
1) Data are provisional.
Monthly data for 2023 are provisional. Final monthly data for 2023 will be published on 24 June 2024. Provisional data for August 2023 will be published on 6 October 2023. Slovenia provides provisional data on the number of deaths to Eurostat monthly. 

Additional explanations are available in the methodological explanations on births and deaths.
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