Style guide (Slovenian edition)

Slogovnik, a style guide for effective communication about data

At the Statistical Office, we have developed a web style guide for a uniform style for the publication of SURS content. The emphasis has been put on the use of language and visual elements as well as adapting texts for the web and increasing accessibility for users with disabilities.

  • 27 June 2023 at 10:30
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  • Dominik Bašelj, Matjaž Erker, Tadeja Pencelj, Katja Zupan
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The Slogovnik style guide is a manual intended for the standardisation of writing style in SURS's texts and effective communication about data. It offers good practices in the field of language, writing for the web and the design of visual elements.

It was primarily designed for internal use at SURS, but it is also available to other public administration bodies and all external users in Slovenia.

It is divided into three thematic sections (Slovenian language only):

  1. Language and style,
  2. Writing for the web,
  3. Data visualisation.

Each section presents stylistic recommendations and examples of good and less appropriate use. There is also a search engine for easier content searching.

In developing the style guide, we also made sure that it is as accessible as possible to users with various forms of disabilities. We hope it will be useful to everyone who wants to improve the level of communication about data.

You are kindly invited to review the style guide and share your opinions and suggestions for improvement at the e-mail address
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