Decisions of prosecutors and courts in criminal matters, 2022

Fewer adults charged and convicted, more juveniles charged but in fewer cases found guilty

Last year, 3.5% fewer adults were charged and 6.3% fewer convicted. In a fifth of the cases, they were convicted due to larceny. Juveniles were charged by the courts in 8.7% more cases, but had 18.5% fewer main penal sanctions, in two thirds as supervision by a social assistance institution.

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Fewer complaints filed against adults, and fewer charges rejected because of limitation of criminal prosecution

In 2022, 23,819 adults were charged by the courts, which is 3.5% fewer than the year before. Most procedures (59%) were stopped. Complaints were most often (in 39% of cases) rejected because there was no reasonable suspicion of a crime, which is four percentage points fewer than the year before.

In two-thirds of the cases, the supervision by a social assistance institution was the main sanction for juveniles

An educational measure was imposed on 194 juveniles, which is almost a fifth fewer than the year before. Unlike the previous year, when no juvenile went to a juvenile detention, there were two such cases in 2022. Among the educational measures, the supervision by a social assistance institution dominated with 69%, which was eight percentage points more than the year before.

The most common sentence was imprisonment, which men received more often than women

In most cases, convicted adults were men. Out of 5,373 convicts, 85.6% were men and 14.4% were women. As in previous years, the prison sentence was given most often, but only 27% of them will serve their punishment in prison, while the remaining 73% were given a suspended prison sentence.  Fines were imposed on 426 convicted persons, of whom 86.2% were men and 13.8% were women.

The most frequent crime is larceny

Most of the convictions were for crimes against property; among these, larceny (38.2%) and fraud (16.8%) were the most common as they accounted for more than half of all property crime convictions.

For the forgery of documents, which comprised 82.2% of all convictions among crimes against legal transactions, 578 adult offenders were convicted.

For crimes against public order and peace, adults were the most often (43%) convicted of illegal border crossing. There were 226 such perpetrators. 

Compared to men, convicted women had the highest share in crimes against the administration of justice (30.6%, men 69.4%), and the lowest in crimes against sexual inviolability (4.2%, men 95.8%).

Although the number of complaints against legal persons has been declining since 2015, more of them are criminally liable

After the completion of the criminal proceedings at the courts, 85.0% of the 958 complaints filed against legal persons were rejected. Although the number of filed complaints against legal persons has been constantly decreasing since 2015, in 2022 29 legal persons were found criminally responsible, which is 20.8% more than in the previous year and 61.1% more than in 2020. In most cases (6) legal persons were convicted of violating the basic rights of employees, in five cases of business fraud and in three cases of forgery or destruction of documents.

Tables with the latest data are available in the SiStat Database.

Reasons for stopping procedures against adults , Slovenia
number %number %
Reason for dismissal – total14,23910013,982100
No probable cause6,092435,44839
Prosecution excluded1,16881,1658
Disproportion between the low importance of the criminal offence and the consequences of criminal prosecution1,773122,11315
No evidence of a criminal offence1,784131,75513
Withdrawal of the proposal for prosecution1,843131,99114
After a deferred prosecution1,26091,2789
Statute of limitation690401
After settlement23421850
Criminal responsibility excluded8070
Opportunity - penalty in progress4000
Juveniles who were imposed an educational measure or a sentence by type of main penal sanction by gender, Slovenia
total menwomentotal menwomen
Main penal sanction – total2382073119417024
Juvenile prison000220
Educational measure (total)2382073119216824
  Educational measure - reprimand1613313103
  Educational measure - instructions and prohibitions5852637325
  Educational measure - supervision by a social assistance institution1451242113211715
  Educational measure - commitment to a juvenile institution12111871
  Educational measure - commitment to a correction institution770220
Convicted adults by the main criminal sanction and sex, Slovenia
total menwomentotal menwomen
Main penalty – total5,7364,8349025,3734,601772
  of which conditional3,8603,1577033,5783,014564
  of which conditional169718144
Punishment forgiven32201230228
Security measure without penalty5147442375
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