Statistics of building permits, April 2023

Fewer building permits issued than in March

In April, 36% fewer building permits were issued than in the previus month: for residential buildings 44% fewer and for non-residential buildings 29% fewer. 

  • 19 May 2023 at 10:30
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  • provisional data
The floor area of planned buildings smaller than in March

The total floor area of all planned buildings in April was almost 125,000 m2, which is 17% less than in March. The total floor area of planned residential buildings decreased by 35%, while the total floor area of planned non-residential buildings increased by 11%. It was larger mainly due to planned larger office buildings, wholesale and buildings for public entertainment, education or hospital and institutional care. 

Fewer dwellings planned than in March

By issuing building permits, in April construction of 292 dwellings was planned, which is 36% fewer than in March. In one-dwelling buildings 42% fewer dwellings were planned and in two- and more dwelling buildings 29% fewer. 

Most dwellings to be built in the Primorsko-notranjska statistical region

In April, most dwellings were planned in the Primorsko-notranjska statistical region: 84 or 29% of all. Primorsko-notranjska was followed by Goriška, where 71 dwellings were planned (24% of all), and Podravska, where 35 dwellings (12% of all) were planned. In other statistical regions fewer dwellings were planned, the fewest in Posavska, where only one dwelling was planned. 

Tables with the latest data are available in the SiStat Database.

Floor area of buildings, Slovenia1)
Floor area of buildings, Slovenia<sup>1)</sup>
1) Data for 2023 are provisional.
Planned dwellings by statistical regions, Slovenia, April 2023
Planned dwellings by statistical regions, Slovenia, April 2023
1) Including Gorenjska, Jugovzhodna Slovenija, Koroška, Obalno-kraška, Posavska, Savinjska and Zasavska statistical regions.
Building permits for buildings and planned dwellings, Slovenia, April 2023
BuildingsPlanned dwellings
  residental buildings13659,28729235,771
  non-residental buildings20265,34300
Final data for 2023 will be published on 20 April 2024.

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