Earnings of persons in paid employment by legal persons, March 2023

Average earnings higher than earnings for February

Average gross earnings for March were higher than earnings for February in both, nominal and real terms by 2.8%.

  • 22 May 2023 at 10:30
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Gross: EUR 2,191.85, net: EUR 1,423.75

Average earnings for March 2023 amounted to EUR 2,191.85 gross and EUR 1,423.75 net. Compared to earnings for February, they were higher in both, nominal and real terms; gross earnings by 2.8% and net earnings by 2.3%.

Compared to earnings for March of the previous year, they were higher in nominal terms (gross earnings by 9.2% and net earnings by 9.0%) and lower in real terms (gross earnings by 1.2% and net earnings by 1.4%).

Earnings up in both sectors, public and private

Compared to earnings for February, average gross earnings increased in both sectors, in the public sector by 3.6% (in the institutional sector general government they went up by 0.5%) and in the private sector by 2.3%.

The highest in financial and insurance activities

Average gross earnings were the highest in financial and insurance activities; they amounted to EUR 3,754.03. Compared to earnings for February, they also increased the most in these activities (by 31.3%; mainly due to higher extra payments). Gross earnings were the lowest in administrative and support service activities (EUR 1,556.23).

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Average monthly earnings by legal persons, Slovenia
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Feb 2023
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EURnominal growth rate (%)
Public sector2,453.002,417.953.68.89.4
  of which general government2,402.882,416.
Private sector2,075.822,
Public sector1,589.911,568.073.48.610.4
  of which general government1,560.741,568.460.47.89.6
Private sector1,349.931,332.
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