Foreign tourists in Slovenia

New: interactive publication Foreign tourists in Slovenia 2021/22

In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board, we prepared an interactive publication (in the Slovenian language only) presenting the data on foreign tourists who visited Slovenia in selected periods 2021/22. You are welcome to visit.

  • 28 March 2023 at 10:30
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Data presented in the release on foreign tourists and their expenditures are now presented in a special publication with interactive infographics. The publication was prepared together with the Slovenian Tourist Board.

The publication presents a general profile of foreign tourists who visited Slovenia between summer 2021 and spring 2022, and the characteristics of foreign tourists by countries from where most of them come to Slovenia. In the last chapter, where that was methodologically possible, the data are compared with the data for 2019.

The publication is available in the Slovenian language only.

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