Tourism travels of domestic population, 4th quarter 2022

28% of domestic tourists made a private trip

In the observed period, residents of Slovenia aged 15 or more made around 1.2 million tourist trips, the majority of them private. More trips abroad were made than in the same period of 2021.

  • 24 March 2023 at 10:30
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Lack of free time and financial reasons deterred most domestic tourists from making a trip 

In October, November and December 2022, 517,000 Slovenian residents (almost 30%) aged 15 or more made at least one tourist trip (private and/or business). A little more than 70% of residents did not go on a tourist trip. 

Most residents of Slovenia aged 15 or more who did not go on a private trip (29%) stated lack of free time as their main reason for not going. 23% did not travel due to financial reasons, 18% stayed home for medical reasons and 15% did not feel the need to travel. 

More than a million private trips

1.2 million tourist trips were generated in the 4th quarter of 2022. Among them, a little more than a million (90%) were private trips. 

Half of private trips were generated in Slovenia and half abroad. Again the most popular foreign destination was Croatia. Most domestic tourists used passenger road motor vehicles (85%) for transportation. 5% travelled by bus or coach and 8% by airplane. 

On average a domestic tourist on a private trip spent EUR 90 per day. In Slovenia daily expenses amounted to EUR 62 and abroad to EUR 107. 

More domestic tourists in non-rented accommodations 

In the observed period, Slovenian residents generated more than 3.7 million overnight stays. Of those, around 3.3 million were generated on private trips. A tourist trip and a private trip lasted on average 3.2 nights. 

Most domestic tourists on private trips chose to stay with friends and relatives (34%), 26% stayed in hotels or similar accommodations and 22% stayed in their own holiday home. On their trips abroad, domestic tourists mostly chose to stay in rented accommodations such as hotels and in Slovenia in non-rented accommodation. 

More business trips abroad

17% (86,000) of Slovenian residents made at least one business trip in the observed period. About 111,000 business trips were made, 69% of them abroad. Residents who attended business trips allocated the majority of their expenses for accommodation and spent about EUR 165 per day. 

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