Business tendency, September 2023

Higher confidence in construction, manufacturing and services

The confidence indicator increased in construction, manufacturing and services, while in retail trade it decreased.

  • 22 September 2023 at 10:30
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Confidence in manufacturing slightly better

At the monthly level, the confidence indicator increased by 1 percentage point (p.p.). Compared to September 2022 and the long-term average, it dropped by 3 p.p. and 10 p.p., respectively.

The expected production and overall order books indicators worsened (the former by 6 p.p. and the latter by 2 p.p.), while the stock of finished products indicator improved by 8 p.p.

In retail trade lower

The confidence indicator was 4 p.p. lower, but still above the long-term average (by 3 p.p.). Value of the indicator was the same as September 2022.

At the monthly level, most indicators deteriorated, most notably the volume of stocks (by 18 p.p.). Only the expected sales indicator improved; it was higher by 9 p.p.

Confidence in construction up …

The confidence indicator was 5 p.p. higher than in the previous month and the same as in September 2022. Compared to the long-term average, it was 21 p.p. higher.

The monthly increase was influenced by both confidence indicators – the overall order books and the employment expectations indicators (the former was higher by 5 p.p. and the latter by 4 p.p.).

and also in services

The confidence indicator increased by 1 p.p. at the monthly level. It was 2 p.p. higher than the long-term average and 2 p.p. lower at the annual level.

The expected demand and expected employment indicators improved the most, each by 5 p.p.

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Monthly changes in the value of confidence indicators, Slovenia, September 2023
Monthly changes in the value of confidence indicators, Slovenia, September 2023
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