Transport, December 2022

More passenger vehicles, passengers and passenger kilometres

More passengers were transported by all means of transport. At the airport and at the ports more passengers were recorded, as well. Also, more passenger kilometres were performed in bus and rail transport. And more passenger vehicles passed the road border crossings.

  • 15 February 2023 at 10:30
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  • Nataša Gostiša, Janez Čampa, Bernardka Furtula, Matej Mlakar, Mateja Kos
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More passengers in public scheduled transport

Buses in urban public scheduled transport carried almost 3.8 million passengers, which was 27% more than in previous December. Buses in intercity and international public scheduled transport carried about 2.2 million passengers or 21% more. In total 40.3 million passenger kilometres were performed, which was 17% more in the same comparison.

About the same number of new passenger cars registered for the first time

In December 2022, about 6,800 road motor vehicles were registered in Slovenia for the first time or 4% more than a year ago. Of these almost 5,300 (8% more) were passenger cars registered for the first time. Of these, 2,500 were new, which was about the same at the annual level.

At road border crossings more passenger vehicles, but fewer goods vehicles

4.5 million passenger vehicles entered or exited Slovenia through road border crossings, 22% more than in previous December. 1 million goods vehicles crossed the border, which was 10% fewer.

More passengers and passenger kilometres in rail transport

Trains carried 1.2 million passengers, which was 19% more than in previous December. They performed almost 60 million passenger kilometres, which was 22% more.

At the airport about a third more passengers

About 60,500 passengers departed from or arrived at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. This was 34% more than in previous December. Almost 1,100 tonnes of goods were handled, which was 3% less.

In Slovenian ports more ships, passengers and goods handled

In Slovenian ports, 273 ships arrived or departed, which was 5% more. 18 passengers were recorded, which was 10 more than in December 2021. In the Port of Koper 1.8 million tonnes of goods were handled, which was 14% more.

Tables with the latest data are available in the SiStat Database.
First registrations of new passenger cars, Slovenia
First registrations of new passenger cars, Slovenia
The selected data of transport, Slovenia
XII 2022I–XII 2022XII 2022
XII 2021 
I–XII 2022
I–XII 2021
Road transport
Passengers in public scheduled transport (1,000)1)2)3)4)2,184.724,002.9120.7161.1
Passenger-km in public scheduled transport (mio)1)2)3)4)40.3452117.3179.4
Passengers in urban scheduled transport (1,000)3)3,786.537,657.4127.3155.3
Road cross-border traffic of passenger vehicles (1,000)4,51165,163.9122.0132.9
Road cross-border traffic of goods vehicles (1,000)1,002.715,567.990.4100.3
Road motor vehicles, registered for the first time6,843110,612104.191.5
Passenger cars, registered for the first time5,26078,103107.788.5
New passenger cars, registered for the first time2,50045,679100.485.5
Railway transport
Passengers (1,000)1,240.714,898.1119.0125.6
Passenger-kilometres (mio)59.7835.1122.1154.2
Maritime transport
Goods (1,000 t)1,841.922,387.2114.1111.6
Airport traffic
Passengers (1,000)60.5968.8133.7231.0
Goods (1,000 t)1.112.596.8109.5
1) Urban scheduled public transport is not included.
2) Data are provisional.
3) The data on passengers and passenger-km in public scheduled transport and data on passengers in urban scheduled transport from September 2016 on have been partly estimated due to the introduction of a new integrated public transport system (IJPP) and the new system of subsidised tickets for public transport (the estimates were prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure).
4) From September 2021 on, data on passenger kilometres are partially estimated by the Statistical Office.
Data on road public scheduled transport for the last 12 months are provisional. With each release the data for this period can be corrected and supplemented with new data. They become final with an annual release.

Data on port traffic published by SURS may differ from the data published by ports in their reports. The differences are due to the use of different methodologies (different data sources, tare consideration, etc.).

From December 2021 on, some data on passenger kilometres are estimated by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.
When making use of the data and information of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, always add: "Source: SURS". More: Copyright.