Index of service and trade production, September 2022

Service and trade production slightly lower than a month ago

Service and trade production went down at the monthly, but up at the annual level. In both comparisons, the biggest fall was recorded in real estate activities.

  • 30 November 2022 at 10:30
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  • provisional data
At the monthly level, largest drop in real estate activities

Service and trade production went down by 0.2% over the previous month. In service activities production decreased by 1.0%, in trade, on the other hand, it grew (by 0.7%).

Among service activities, production increased in support service activities (by 4.9%), transportation and storage (by 0.7%) and professional, scientific and technical activities (by 0.2%). It decreased the most in real estate activities (by 2.7%), followed by accommodation and food service activities (by 1.7%) and information and communication (by 1.6%).

At the annual level, decrease only in real estate activities

Compared to previous September, service and trade production grew by 5.9%: in trade by 7.1% and in service activities by 4.9%.

It increased in five out of six groups of service activities, the most in transportation and storage (by 8.1%), followed by information and communication (by 7.7%), professional, scientific and technical activities (by 7.3%), accommodation and food service activities (by 7.1%) and administrative and support service activities (by 1.0%). It only decreased in real estate activities (by 6.0%).

In the three quarters of 2022, service and trade production grew by 12.1% over the same period of the previous year. In service activities, it grew by 14.4% and in trade by 8.3%. It increased in all groups of service activities except in real estate activities, where it remained at the same level. The biggest increase was recorded in accommodation and food service activities (by 65.9%).

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Index of service and trade production, Slovenia
Index of service and trade production, Slovenia
1) In the trend-cycle component the most recent data are unreliable (the end-point problem).
Index of service and trade production, Slovenia
IX 2022
VIII 2022
IX 2022
IX 2021
I–IX 2022
I–IX 2021
IX 2022
Ø 2015
Total G-N1)99.8105.9112.1140.0
G Wholesale and retail trade100.7107.1108.3142.2
45 Wholesale, retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles101.7104.097.6149.0
46 Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles101.0107.2108.1139.6
47 Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles100.0108.0111.1138.7
H-N Service activities1)99.0104.9114.4138.9
H Transportation and storage100.7108.1110.5153.7
49 Land transport and transport via pipelines98.5106.5111.4145.1
50 Water transportzzzz
51 Air transport100.471.8102.5z
52 Warehousing and support activities for transportation102.4114.6113.6195.5
53 Postal and courier activities100.592.194.295.6
I Accommodation and food service activities98.3107.1165.9134.7
55 Accommodation97.9113.3194.1141.9
56 Food and beverage service activities97.3106.3147.9135.6
J Information and communication98.4107.7110.1129.3
58 Publishing activities97.791.388.572.0
59 Motion picture, video and TV programme production, sound recording and music publishing activities96.7155.9143.6166.7
60 Programming and broadcasting activities106.8105.2107.291.0
61 Telecommunications103.399.7100.884.4
62 Computer programming, consultancy and related activities95.9110.5114.8182.2
63 Information service activities103.2121.9121.1223.2
L Real estate activities97.394.0100.0107.9
M Professional, scientific and technical activities1)100.2107.3110.2145.6
69 Legal and accounting activities101.3112.8110.3116.8
70.2 Management consultancy activities104.2102.6101.6190.3
71 Architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis98.6109.9111.6130.5
73 Advertising and market research96.899.7120.4189.4
74 Other professional, scientific and technical activities101.1114.1119.9150.1
N Administrative and support service activities104.9101.0109.4114.3
77 Rental and leasing activities138.0152.393.9174.8
78 Employment activities101.6114.6108.393.1
79 Travel agency, tour operator reservation service and related activities118.0170.9214.2103.1
80 Security and investigation activities96.1100.4101.794.7
81 Services to buildings and landscape activities98.994.8106.3117.9
82 Office administrative, office support and other business support activities92.088.3120.2219.2
z confidential
1) Service activities are covered according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2152 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on European business statistics, repealing 10 acts in the field of business statistics.
Data are seasonally adjusted.

Data for the last 10 months are provisional. With each release, the data for this period can be corrected and supplemented with new data.
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