European Statistics Day

Statistics to understand and connect to society, in the search for truth

20 October is the European Statistics Day, a day when statisticians spread awareness of the value and importance of official statistics. Better data, better lives is a slogan that we have been striving to implement as much as possible for many years.

  • 17 October 2022 at 10:30
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Statistics to understand and connect to society, in the search for truth

The European Statistics Day underlines the value of official statistics as a pillar of our democratic societies.
On this Day, the European statistical community comes together to celebrate official statistics as a source of independent, objective and trustworthy information and a means to empower organisations, businesses and citizens in their decision-making.
The traditional slogan Better data, better lives, is this year complemented by the slogan Statistics to understand and connect to society, in the search for truth. 

Use statistics to … 

… better understand society

Different crises are producing social, economic, and cultural shocks, which result in high uncertainty in the future. Statistical literacy is an essential ability to understand and critically evaluate data in order to better perceive the complexity of society. 

… better connect to society

Social exclusion entails not only material deprivation but also a limited action or control caused by lacking information. Being informed by available and timely statistics represents a first main step for the social inclusion of individuals and for their strong connection to society. 

… in the search for truth

Powered by new technologies and spread by social networks, disinformation and misinformation are becoming increasingly effective. The potential hiding of truth represents a real risk for society. In times when uncertainty and availability of confusing information increase, the search for verified facts, as produced by statistical offices, is vital to reinforce democracy and strengthen evidence-based decision-making. 

Use SURS’s data in the search for the truth and to support decision-making

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