Total market production index, July 2022

Total market production lower than in the previous month

The total market production was lower at the monthly level but higher at the annual level and at the level of the first seven months. At the monthly level, all observed activities (except wholesale and retail trade) contributed to the decline. 

  • 30 September 2022 at 10:30
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At the monthly level lower with the greatest decline in construction

The total market production declined by 2.0% over the previous month. It declined the most in construction (by 4.3%) and grew in wholesale and retail trade (by 0.7%). 

At the annual level higher, in construction by more than a quarter

Compared to July 2021, the total market production grew by 5.8%. It grew the most in construction (by 28.5%).

At the level of the first seven months higher, in construction by almost a quarter, in services by almost a fifth

Compared to the first seven months of last year, the total market production grew by 10.0%. It grew the most in construction (by 24.4%), followed by service activities (by 17.2%).

The table with the latest data is available in the SiStat Database.

Total market production index, Slovenia
Total market production index, Slovenia
1) In the trend-cycle component the most recent data are unreliable (the end-point problem).
Total market production, Slovenia
VII 2022
VI 2022
VII 2022
VII 2021
I–VII 2022
I–VII 2021
VII 2022
Ø 2015
% change
Total B–N-2.05.810.036.4
B–D Industry-
F Construction-4.328.524.465.2
G Wholesale and retail trade0.75.68.538.9
H–N Service activities-3.56.517.236.8
Data are seasonally adjusted.

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