Food waste, 2021

Slightly less food waste than a year earlier

A resident of Slovenia discarded on average 68 kilograms of food. The amount of food waste generated by households and in food production went up, while in food stores and food services it went down. Most food waste was treated in biogas plants. 

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Less food waste generated by food stores and food services 

In 2021, 143,254 tonnes of food waste was generated. The total amount was 0.2% smaller than in 2020. SURS estimates that the share of the edible part of food waste decreased by 2 percentage points from 40% in 2020 to 38% in 2021.

Most food waste was generated by households (53%). In food services, 28% of total food waste was generated, in food stores 10%, and the least (9%) in food production. 

Compared to the year before, less food waste was generated in food stores (by 5%) and in food services (by 6%). The amounts went up in food production (by 24%) and in households (by 1%).

More food waste treated in composting plants 

The largest share of food waste (almost 43%) was anaerobically treated in biogas plants. This is followed by aerobic treatment of food waste in composting plants with 34%. 19% of food waste was biologically stabilised before being disposed in plants for the mechanical and biological treatment of municipal waste (MBO). The rest of food waste (4%) was processed with other methods, such as incineration, oil refining and other biological recovery processes. 

Compared to 2020, the amount of composted food waste increased by 7%, while the amount of food waste processed in biogas plants decreased by almost 9% due to some restoration in biogas plants. The amount of food waste biologically stabilised before disposal went down by almost 1%.

Table with the latest data is available in the SiStat Database.
Food waste by source, Slovenia, 2021
Food waste by source, Slovenia, 2021
Food waste by type of treatment, Slovenia, 2021
Food waste by type of treatment, Slovenia, 2021
Other treatment include incineration, oil refining and other biological recovery processes.
Food waste, Slovenia
20202021 2021
% change
TOTAL (in kg per capita)68680
TOTAL (in tonnes)143,570143,2540
… generated in food production (including primary)10,85013,49924
… generated in distribution and food stores15,29014,465-5
… generated in food services42,66639,923-6
… generated in households74,76475,3681
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