Environmental related taxes, 2021

Slightly more environmental taxes collected than in the previous year

Government revenues from environmental taxes in 2021 were 5% higher than in 2020.

  • 27 September 2022 at 10:30
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Energy taxes represented the largest part of environmental taxes

EUR 1,451.5 million of environmental taxes were paid in Slovenia in 2021, which is 5% more than in 2020. The largest share in the environmental taxes was that of energy taxes (82.7%), followed by transport taxes (13.5%), and pollution and resource taxes (3.8%). 


The largest share of environmental taxes paid by households 

Households paid  57.3% of environmental taxes. The economic sectors paid 38.8%, while 3.9% was paid by non-residents (foreign transit across the territory of Slovenia).

At the annual level the share of environmental taxes in gross domestic product slightly lower 

Environmental taxes represented 2.8% of the gross domestic product in 2021, which is 0.1 of a percentage point less than in 2020.

Tables with the latest data are available in the SiStat Database.
Environmetal tax revenue, Slovenia
20202021 2021
mio. EURindice
  energy taxes1,1141,201108
  transport taxes21119592
  pollution taxes252496
  resource taxes323197
Data on energy taxes were revised due to a change in the methodology. The revision impacted the whole time series. Data on transport taxes were revised due to the introduction of new taxes. The revision refers to the 2019–2020 period.

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