Physical energy flow accounts, 2020

Non-resident units used less energy in Slovenia than in the previos year

In 2020, non-resident units used 7,557 TJ of energy in Slovenia, while residents used 11,252 TJ of energy abroad.

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Non-resident units in Slovenia used 30.3% less energy than in previous year

SURS’s calculation showed that in 2020 resident units used 11,252 TJ of energy abroad, which is a 8.3% decrease over the previous year, while non-resident units in Slovenia used 7,557 TJ of energy, which is a 30.3% decrease over the previous year. The calculation is based on the residential principle, i.e. included are activities of all resident units of the national economy, irrespective of their geographical position.

Net domestic energy amounted to 277,937 TJ

Net domestic energy use was 5.4% lower that in the previous year. Largest amount of that energy (27.9%) was used in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (D activity by NACE Rev. 2), while 26.9% of energy was used in households, 21.3% in manufacturing (C), 6.7% in transport and storage (H), 4.8% in construction and demolition (F), 4.0% in wholesale and retail trade (G) and 8.4% in all other NACE activities.

150,128 TJ of energy extracted from natural resources

The amount of energy obtained from natural resources increased by 4.2% compared to the previous year. 70,0% of energy from natural resources was obtained in mining and quarrying (sector B of NACE Rev. 2), 15.1% in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (D), 14.7% in agriculture, forestry and fishing (A), and 0.1% in public administration and defence (O) and  in manufacturing (C).

Table with the latest data is available in the SiStat Database.

Net energy use (NACE Rev. 2 and households), by share, Slovenia, 2020
Net energy use (NACE Rev. 2 and households), by share, Slovenia, 2020
1) Other NACE industries: agriculture, forestry and fishing (A), mining and quarrying (B), waste management and remediation activities (E) and other service activities (I-S)
Energy supply from natural resources, Slovenia
200820192020 2020
TJchange in %
  mining and quarrying (B)117,463100,455105,0514.6-10.6
  electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (D)14,76020,48322,71710.953.9
  agriculture, forestry and fishing (A)29,14122,85022,061-3.5-24.3
  public administration and defence; compulsory social security (O)1721661744.50.8
  manufacturing (C)435129126-2.4-71.0
In 2022, the revision of residence principle adjustment in road transport was carried out. The revision impacted the whole time series.

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