Slovenian travel agencies, 2021

Domestic visitors made more same-day trips in Slovenia than in neighbouring countries

The number of domestic tourists and visitors as well as the number of foreign tourists travelling with Slovenian travel agencies started to increase, but was still much lower than before the COVID-19 epidemic. Fewer domestic tourists decided to travel in Slovenia 

  • 23 September 2022 at 10:30
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Fewer domestic tourists decided to travel in Slovenia

In 2021, Slovenian travel agencies organised travel with at least one night for 217,000 domestic tourists; 82,000 or 38% of them travelled in Slovenia and 135,000 or 62% to other countries. In 2020, 58% of domestic tourists travelled abroad and 42% in Slovenia. 

The top destination country of domestic tourists travelling abroad in 2021 was Croatia, followed by Greece, Egypt and Turkey, which is the same as a year earlier. 

Domestic visitors made more trips in Slovenia than abroad

Same-day trips organised by Slovenian travel agencies were attended by 65,000 domestic visitors; 58,000 or 90% of them made same-day trips in Slovenia and about 7,000 or 10% abroad. In 2020, of the 39,000 visitors 86% made trips in Slovenia and about 14% abroad. 

The top destination country of same-day visitors in 2021 was Italy, followed by Austria and Croatia, In 2020, it was Austrija, followed by Italy and Croatia.

Most foreign tourists brought by Slovenian travel agencies from Germany

In 2021, Slovenian travel agencies organised travels for 29,000 foreign tourists, who spent on average four nights in Slovenia.

Most foreign tourists were brought from Germany, followed by France and Czechia. In 2020, 14,000 foreign tourists stayed in Slovenia, most of them from Germany, followed by Italy and Austria. 

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