Population by settlements, detailed data, 1 January 2022

Almost a half of all settlements have fewer than 100 residents

On 1 January 2022, the most densely populated urban settlement was Piran with nearly 5,500 residents per square kilometre. There were 54 unpopulated settlements. Almost a half of all settlements had fewer than 100 residents.

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Unpopulated settlements

On 1 January 2022, there were 6,036 settlements in Slovenia, 54 of which were unpopulated. The number of unpopulated settlements was the largest in municipality Kočevje: 17. In 2021, one previously populated settlement became unpopulated: Trnovec in municipality Kočevje had one resident on 1 January 2021 and none a year later.

Piran still the most densely populated urban settlement, many settlements are small

The most densely populated urban settlement in Slovenia was Piran in the municipality of the same name where an average square kilometre of the settlement's surface area had almost 5,500 residents. If we were to populate the entire surface area of Slovenia this densely, we would need more than 110 million people.

The least densely populated settlement in Slovenia, excluding unpopulated ones, was Podstenice in municipality Dolenjske Toplice with fewer than 0.08 of a resident living on an average square kilometre of the surface area (or one resident per more than 12 km2). If the entire country was populated this sparsely, it would have just over 1,600 residents.

A quarter of all settlements had fewer than 50 residents, and in total almost a half had under 100 residents.

Ljubljana in the municipality of the same name had the most residents: 284,000 or almost as many as 4,000 of the least populated settlements combined.

A few settlements with no children or no elderly population

Four settlements of at least 30 residents had no residents under 15 years of age. The largest of such settlements was Završje in municipality Trbovlje: it had a population of 41, but no residents younger than 15.

There were two settlements without elderly population (aged 65 or older): Gabrje pri Ilovi Gori in municipality Grosuplje and Sovinek in municipality Semič. They had 39 and 30 residents, respectively, and all were under 65 years of age.

The SiStat Database series of data on the population of Slovenia by settlements has been completed with data as of 1 January 2022.

Population by size classes of settlements, 1 January 2022
Size classes of settlements by number of population
50,000 +20.0380,59518.1
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