Experimental statistics: Waste, 1st quarter 2022

Almost all metallic waste is recycled

In the first quarter of 2022, 106 kg of municipal waste per capita was generated. More than three quarters of total collected waste was mineral waste.

  • 7 June 2022 at 10:30
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The share of separately collected municipal waste still high

In total, 1.8 million tonnes of waste was collected, most of it mineral (77.2%). Municipal waste represented 12.4% of total waste or 106 kg per person, and 72.4% was collected separately. 23 tonnes of waste (1.3% of total) was hazardous, about a quarter of it oil waste and liquid fuel waste, especially oil-contaminated water from oil and water separation plants.
In addition, 528 tonnes of waste grave candles were collected.

Most mineral waste to be backfilled

1.5 million tonnes of waste was planned for processing by final operations (recycling, use as fuel, backfilling). Most of it (80%) was mineral, and most of it was planned to be backfilled, followed by metallic waste (8%) and municipal waste (4%). Other types of waste were planned to be processed in smaller amounts.

In total, 92,000 tonnes of waste was planned for removal by final operations (landfilling, incineration, permanent storage). Most of it was mixed fractions of municipal waste and residues after mechanical and biological treatment of waste (in total 54%), followed by mineral waste (17%) and waste from pulp and paper production and processing (12%).

Almost all metallic waste recycled

Almost 600,000 tonnes of waste was planned for recycling. Most of it (41%) was mineral waste.

Of the total share of treatment by final operations, 99% of all metallic waste and 97% of animal and vegetal waste was planned to be recycled, most of the latter (77%) in composting and biogas plants.
Shares of planned waste treatment by final processes, Slovenia, 1st quarter 2022
Shares of planned waste treatment by final processes, Slovenia, 1st quarter 2022
Shares of waste planned for recycling by type (excluding mineral), Slovenia, 1st quarter 2022
Shares of waste planned for recycling by type (excluding mineral), Slovenia, 1st quarter 2022
Waste flow, Slovenia, 1st quarter 2022
I 2022
Collected waste1,799,826
  of which municipal223,384
Planned for recovery1,546,807
  of which for recycling586,403
  of which for backfilling904,727
Planned for disposal91,942
  of which for landfilling38,583
Recovery and disposal of waste includes amounts of waste treated by final operations.
The quarterly data are published for the first time as experimental because the methodology of data collection and processing is still being developed. The source of data is record sheets for waste obtained from the IS-Odpadki information system for waste management. Due to incomplete data on the amount of municipal waste collected through public waste collection, some aggregate values are estimated based on data from the previous year.

The release only presents data on the collected amount of waste and the planned procedures for waste management. Imports, exports and temporary storage of waste are not taken into account within this release.

Quarterly estimates are experimental statistics. Therefore, they are less reliable and should be used with caution.
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