Innovation activity in industry and selected services, 2018–2020

More than half of enterprises registered in Slovenia had innovation activity

In 2018-2020, 55% of enterprises registered in Slovenia had innovation activity. Compared to the previous period, innovation active enterprises and business process innovation increased, while product innovation decreased.

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More business process innovations and fewer product innovations

Among enterprises registered in Slovenia, 55% were innovation active in the observed period. As regards the size of the enterprise, 54% of small and medium-sized enterprises and 92% of large enterprises were innovation active.

36% of enterprises introduced at least one product innovation and 43% at least one business process innovation. Among small and medium-sized enterprises, 35% introduced product innovations and 42% business process innovations. Among large enterprises, 77% introduced product innovations and 78% business process innovations.

In comparison with the 2016–2018 period, enterprises introduced a similar number of product innovations (by 0.2% fewer) and more business process innovations (by 16%). Large enterprises introduced 4% fewer product innovations and 4% more business process innovations. More business process innovations were introduced also by small and medium-sized enterprises (by 17%).

Large enterprises co-operated on R&D or other innovation activities with others more than small and medium-sized ones

15% of innovation active enterprises co-operated with other enterprises or organisations on R&D or other innovation activities: among large enterprises 59% and among small and medium-sized 13%.

In 2018–2020, large innovation active enterprises co-operated less (by –4%) and small and medium-sized enterprises more (by 5%) compared to the previous period.

The share of innovative enterprises in manufacturing slightly higher than in the service sector

Also in this observed period the share of innovative and innovation active enterprises was higher in enterprises registered in manufacturing than in enterprises in selected services. 59% of enterprises registered in manufacturing were innovation active; 41% of enterprises introduced product innovations and 44% business process innovations. Among enterprises registered in the service sector, 52% were innovation active, 32% introduced product innovations and 42% enterprises introduced business process innovations.

Innovation active enterprises by activity, 2018‒2020
Innovation active enterprises by activity, 2018‒2020
Innovation active and innovative enterprises, 2018‒2020
TotalSmall and
Innovation active
Enterprises that introduced
product innovation
Enterprises that introduced
business process innovation
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