European Statistics Competition 2019 – winners of the national phase

The winning teams are GIN6256 and EMVANA

We finally have this year’s two winning teams of the national phase of the European Statistics Competition 2019, which will together with the two second-ranked teams compete with pupils from 14 other European countries in the final of this competition. 

  • 3/29/2019
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The winners of the national phase of the competition are revealed

The national part of the European Statistics Competition 2019 has finished. In category A (the last two years of upper secondary schools) the winner is the team GIN6256 from Gimnazija Kranj and in category B (the first two years of upper secondary schools) the team EMVANA from Gimnazija Novo mesto. Both winning teams achieved excellent results in the first assignment by answering the questions about statistics and conducted very good statistical analyses in the second round. The jury assessed their research work with the highest number of points. Both analyses and those from four other best-ranked teams from each category are shown in the links below.  

TOP 5 teams in category A

LTL, Srednja zdravstvena in kemijska šola Novo mesto 
Dolomiti, Gimnazija Želimlje
Prevaranti, Gimnazija Litija
moŽGANCI, Gimnazija Škofja Loka

TOP 5 teams in category B

AltF4Gimnazija Murska Sobota
DRUGA2II. Gimnazija Maribor
JNJ, Šolski center Postojna
ZMG, Gimnazija Kranj

Two teams from each category will continue with the competition in the European final

The best four ranked teams (GIN6256 and LTL from category A, EMVANA and AltF4 from category B) now have the opportunity to win in the European final. Their final assignment will be to prepare a 2-minute video on the topic »Europe reflected in statistics«. Europe is a big picture consisting of many facets or details: small villages and big cities forming part of the same continent, city workers involved mainly in the service sector, with their rural counterparts predominantly occupied in agriculture, economies based on tourism, with others based on industry, and countries with notable levels of migration.
Pupils will be able to refer to appropriate statistical data to demonstrate in which areas Slovenia stands out from other countries and what makes it special in terms of its characteristics, or focus on how it compares to other countries by considering the average position in Europe. Their idea shown in the video will have to be briefly justified in the accompanying document. 

The teams will have time to prepare the video from 1 April to 15 May and the final results will be announced on 5 June. The winners of each category will be invited to the award ceremony in Luxembourg on 11 June, hosted by Eurostat, the European statistical office. 

Due to the subsequent announcement of the video topic and changes of important dates as well as the announcement of the date and place of the award ceremony, we are publishing here the updated Rules of the European phase of the European Statistics Competition 2019

At the end of the national phase, we congratulate all competitors for their achievement and we wish the finalists a lot of success in the final act of the European Statistics Competition 2019.
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