Exports and imports of goods, detailed data, Slovenia, May 2020

New in the SiStat Database: Exports and imports of goods, detailed data, May 2020

Detailed data on exports and imports of goods for the period from January to May 2020 are published in the SiStat Database.

  • 8/7/2020
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  • provisional data
  • Snježana Lončarević Štuhec, Irena Mesarič, Almira Urbiha
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  • Data inquiry

SiStat Database is here. Data on exports and imports are available as monthly series and as annual cummulative data. Data on exports and imports of goods are shown by countries, by country economic groups, by the Standard International Trade Cassification, by the Classification by Broad Economic Categories and by the Standard Classification of Activities. Cummulative data are also available in detailed tables by the Combined Nomenclature and by countries.

For the reference year 2020, we have not yet received all the data from the administrative sources necessary to monitor Slovenia's trade in goods with EU Member States. Missing data are statistically estimated and shown below unclassified (both by country and by economic classification). The value of the estimated data is around 4% of the value of total trade with EU Member States.
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