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The purpose

The purpose of the 2011 register-based housing census is to collect data on dwellings on the territory of Slovenia. Data about dwellings are linked with the population and households data.

Observation units

Conventional dwellings

Data source

The main sources for the 2011 register-based census were the Real Estate Register kept by the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia and the Central Population Register kept by the Ministry of the Interior.

Legal basis

The register-based census is one of the regular statistical surveys conducted by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia and has the content basis in the Regulation (EC) No. 763/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council of 9 July 2008 on Population and Housing Censuses, Official Journal of the European Union L 218/14, 13 August, 2008.

Explanation of the main differences between the 2011 register-based census and the 2002 census

There are no significant differences at obligatory variables except some differences in classifying (e.g. a water supply system, toilet).
The fact that data for the 2011 Census were obtained from administrative sources and not with fieldwork has to be taken into account. Occupancy of dwellings and other places is bound to the registration of people in the Central Population Register at the Ministry of the Interior, the existence of dwellings and buildings and their characteristics are bound to the registration in the Building Cadastre and the Real Estate Register kept by the Surveying and Mapping Authority and the property is bound to the entry in the Land Register at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia and the Real Estate Register.
The definition of population was also slightly changed - it contains also temporarily registered persons with the intention of residence one year or more. (Population are persons with registered permanent and/or temporary residence in Slovenia who live or intend to live in Slovenia for one year or more and are not temporarily absent from Slovenia for a year or more).
 In comparison with the previous census, there are also some differences considering optional (non-core) variables, above all at classifying. Besides, data about the type of roofing and  the source of heating are not available in the Real Estate Register.

Revision of the data

Data revision is planned till the end of October 2012.

Due to the needs of users for timely information, data are published that meet the criteria of the quality of official statistical data, but do not meet the quality that can be met with complete coverage. Data are revised when recent, completed and more quality data respectively can significantly contribute to the quality of data-based decision-making.

Methodological explanations about data revision at SORS are published on web site

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