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New method of collecting data on migration

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia publishes data on migration for total population of Slovenia as of 1 January 2011 for the first time on the basis of administrative and statistical sources. So far data on migration and migration history for total population have been collected only by conventional (field) censuses (the last one with the reference date of 31 March 2002).

In the scope of migration topics we are publishing data on:

·   Country/place of birth (place of usual residence at the time of birth in Slovenia or in a foreign country)

·    Previous place of usual residence and date of arrival in the current place (settlement in Slovenia or a foreign country)

·    Residing abroad (country of emigration and the year of arrival to Slovenia).

Data sources on migration

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia used 4 sources of data for preparing the data on migration:

·    2002 Population Census

·      Annual statistical survey on migration (data from 2002 to 2010)

·     Annual statistical survey on birth (data from 2002 to 2010)

·      Quarterly statistical survey on population, as of 1 January 2010

Due to methodological differences for specific migration topics, the statistical process has been adapted for each topic separately. The basic methodological principle is the hierarchy of the sources. In case of availability of data for the same person in several sources, the priority is given to the source indicated with higher priority or in case of more than one record for the same person in the same source (valid only for statistical survey on migration), the priority is given to the methodologically adequate data. Migration by definition means the change of settlement of usual residence.

Country/place of birth

Data on country/place of birth for persons residing in Slovenia on 31 March 2002 has been taken from the 2002 Population Census. For persons born in Slovenia on 1 April 2002 and later the place of birth is the first registered residence after birth. For persons who immigrated to Slovenia after 1 April 2002 the country of birth is equal to the country of emigration at the time of first immigration to Slovenia or according to the international recommendations the country of birth (data on de facto country of birth taken from Central Population Register) if data were not available in any data source

Previous place of usual residence

Data on previous place of usual residence are by priority taken from the annual statistical survey on migration. As migration is a repeated demographic event (a person can change the place of usual residence several times even in the same year), the priority rule of last adequate migration was applied. Besides, we consider the data on usual residence one year before from the quarterly statistical survey on population (in case the settlements of residence were not the same as of 1 January 2010 and as of 1 January 2011). For persons who migrated for the last time before 2002, data were taken from the 2002 Population Census

Residing abroad

Data on persons ever residing abroad are derived from data on country of birth and from data on foreign country of previous place of usual residence. In case of several international moves, the calendar year of most recently established usual residence in the country is taken into account.

Two sources by priority rule were used:

1.   Annual statistical survey on migration (data from 2002 to 2010)

2.   2002 Population Census

For persons with foreign country of birth the country of residing abroad is:

·   Country of birth if the immigration to Slovenia was the last international migration;

·    Previous country of usual residence in the case of two or more international migrations.

For residents with the place of birth in Slovenia (return migrants) the previous country of usual residence is the country of residing abroad.

Data editing

Statistical methods (imputation, automated corrections) were also used to improve quality and consistency of data.

© Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia. Use and publication of data is allowed provided the source is acknowledged.