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New method of collecting data on activity

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia publishes data on activity for total population of Slovenia as of 1 January 2011 for the first time on the basis of administrative and statistical sources. So far data on activity for total population have been collected only by conventional (field) censuses. In the last conventional (field) census in 2002 data on activity were largely taken from various administrative and statistical sources (Statistical Register of Employment, registered unemployed persons, pensioners, student enrolment in tertiary education). They were used also in 2011 with some additional data sources.

Population statistics monitors data on labour force residing in Slovenia

The Statistical Office monitors data on labour force in terms of labour market in Slovenia. Data published monthly include all persons working in Slovenia, even if they reside abroad (e.g. daily commuters from neighbouring countries, mostly from Croatia). In contrast, population statistics monitors employed persons in accordance with the statistical definition of population of Slovenia who may also work abroad for foreign employers (mostly in Italy and Austria) or whom Slovenian employers have posted abroad (e.g. diplomatic and consular personnel, soldiers in international missions).

Data sources on activity

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia used 8 sources of data on activity using the source hierarchy methodology. We examined each provided source of the data on activity and assessed suitability for use in terms of quality, reliability, timeliness, accessibility and comparability. The basic methodological principle is the hierarchy of the sources, which means that in case of availability of data on activity in several sources, the priority is given to the source indicated with higher priority (irrespective of whether data in different sources are the same or different). In setting priorities of the sources we derived from the hierarchy of activity status and international recommendations in this area. Preference is given to sources on persons in employment, followed by sources on persons involved in education and finally data sources on inactive population.

As a rule, data on activity refer to 1 January 2011, where we have assumed at individual source that data refer to this time point. The most important source for data on activity is the Statistical Register of Employment, from where we took data for all persons that were in accordance with the methodology and international recommendations in employment in the last week before the reference date (1 January 2011).

Data sources on activity by level of priority


Source administrator

Source content




Statistical Register of Employment:

-        persons in paid employment performing temporary or occasional contract work, self-employed persons and farmers included in compulsory social security


-        Detached workers (persons employed in Slovenia but sent to work or train abroad)


-        Employed and self-employed persons (also cross-border workers) insured at foreign a insurance institution but included in the health care system in Slovenia

24.12. -31.12. 2010


Employment Service of Slovenia

Registered unemployed persons

1. 1. 2011



Full-time and part-time students in vocational and professional higher education

Academic year 2010/2011



Recipients of national scholarships in upper secondary and tertiary education

1. 1. 2011


Pension and Disability Insurance Institute

Recipients of old-age, disability, survivor's and national pensions


1. 1. 2011


Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia

Family members of insured persons and other inactive persons in health insurance


1. 1. 2011


Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs

Recipients of social and other assistance and benefits



Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia

Income tax payers


Editing data on activity

Statistical methods (imputation, automated corrections) were also used to improve quality and consistency of data.


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